In the year 1984 we commenced our journey in ministry, in a Buddhist village in Sri-Lanka where we saw many come to the Lord. We were able to purchase a property and establish a place of worship, which to date is functioning as a church.

In the year 1991 we migrated to Australia, being called of God. We settled in Clayton AOG with my brother Cedric LaBrooy where we assisted in all departments and church life.







In the year 1999 it was time for us to further fulfill the call of God on our lives, so gracefully we moved into the City of Dandenong to establish "Church for the Whole Family" and to date we are glad to be a part of this work where we have seen many come to the Lord, many healed, many blessed and many leaders gone forth into the world.

We are glad that God has opened to us doors in the Phillipines, India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Fiji, USA, Canada and Italy to minister to the body of Christ. We have had the privelege to speak at conferences, camps, and pastoral seminars, where we have seen many lives blessed.

We are glad that we have not only helped in the ministry of the spiritual welfare of man, but also in the physical welfare through our program "From tears to joy" serving the disadvantaged in Australia and overseas.

We ask you to keep us in your prayers as we continue to fulfil the will of God in our lives.

To God be glory and honour and praise for every soul that is brought into His kingdom.